Chief Executive Officer

Rooms for Change was conceived by Karon Fields, MSW, a social worker for more than twenty-five years. Following her passion, in 2006 Karon established an interior design consultancy and immediately recognized a way to blend the two parts of her life.

      "I saw this organization as a way to create a meaningful opportunity

       for young people coming out of the foster care system to begin their

       lives in a positive environment," says Karon, "I know first-hand the

       myriad difficulties facing youth in transition."

Determined to make a difference, Karon cultivated this unique opportunity to utilize the interior design industry to create comfortable living spaces reflective of each youth's lifestyle and personal preferences.

Founded in 2006, Rooms for Change is a nonprofit agency created to ensure youth leaving the foster care system in the Bay Area are afforded the opportunity to live in a home environment that supports their well being and which ultimately improves the quality of their lives.

Karon Fields,MSW

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